Panerai replica watches does not have the iconic large crown guard

The easiest way to spot the Radiomir is that it doesn't have the oversized crown guard. Surrounding the crown of the watch is a particularly large part, intended to protect it from water ingress - and this is an exclusive detail used by Panerai replica watches. There is no signature large-sized crown guard from Panerai so overall, compared to other collections, the Radiomir looks a bit more refined despite its origins as a military diving machine. The name Radiomir comes from the name of a substance that can emit light: Radium, which has been widely used since the 1930s.

Because Radium is a radioactive substance that, when used on replica watches, will cause adverse health effects, specifically for watch dial workers, so tritium has been used to replace radium on replica watches. Accordingly, the Luminor collection name was also named after the luminescent substance by Panerai.

Distinguishing from Radiomir, the replica watches included in the Luminor collection have a large crown guard, although the case has a similar cushion shape, but in the end, the feel of the two models is very different. Although Luminor comes after Radiomir, most customers consider Luminor to be the quintessential Panerai design.

In general, the Panerai Luminor Du has the style and design of standard Luminor movements, but the point to distinguish it is that it has a smaller and thinner case that makes it more delicate and comfortable on the wearer's hand. The manufacturer keeps the same case design with the brand's signature crown guard, so it is easy to distinguish it from other brands' replica watches.

Released in 2016, the Replica watches of the Panerai Luminor Due series are not as water-resistant as their older brothers, but in return, the watch cases are thinner and more refined. The watch diameter is kept at 38mm so it is suitable for the wrist of the majority of customers. Even more, the manufacturer offers more dials with "softer" tones to reduce the conservative, traditional.